The Smiles Make Up For Everything

The Smiles Make Up For Everything


Toddler is sick.
Toddler can’t go to school.
Baby won’t nap.
Baby will only want to be carried.
Back hurts.
Toddler won’t nap.
Need to feed toddler…and baby.
Clean up toddler.
Clean up spit up.
Spit up on baby and momma. Change.
Dance baby around so she falls asleep.
Play with toddler while carrying baby.
Put baby down.
Baby wakes up. Carry her again.
Mommy needs coffee, oh out milk, need milk with the coffee. No coffee for mommy.
Pay bills. While carrying baby.
Change baby’s diaper.
Pee on carpet and on toddler. Potty training still.
Change toddler.
Clean carpet.
Baby screaming on the floor.
Pick her up and dance around.
Turn on cartoons.

Where’s my coffee? Oh, I need milk with my coffee.

Baby poops again.
Dance around til she falls asleep.
Tell toddler cartoons will be done after baby is in bed. He cries.

Maybe, I can take a nap and the kids won’t notice. What time is it??? Crap, 4 more hours before daddy gets home.

Change baby’s diaper.

– – – – – – – – – –

I wrote the above and realized there’s still a lot of nursing on demand that’s missing. Some days are tough especially with an infant. But the smiles and laughter that fills this home erases every hard moment. Thankfully, there are lots to go around.

My body is exhausted but my heart is full. I thank God for blessing Nick and I with the most adorable sweet kiddos. Not happy with the poops though.

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  • Oh my sweet friend, I love your heart. Your honesty and realism mixed with an ever present air of optimism and joy – this is motherhood. And you shine, darling.

  • crapolla!!! love you dearly… hope potty training, baby spit up and all is smooth this weekend!!! Love you… and thank you 🙂

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