The Best is Yet to Come

The Best is Yet to Come


I am at that moment where I feel content and everything seems to be right in the world. We may not have a house, a brand spanking new car or the ultimate dream job, but we are content. Des is doing great, Nick has a job and we are living the most amazing Seattle summer.  That is a good life to me.

Des had his High Risk Follow-up at UW Center on Human Development and Disability yesterday. The doctor told me that Desmond’s progress is impressive and that Nick and I are doing a great job. That of course was music to my ears and happy tears streamed down my face.

I am happy and so proud to know that all our hard work as well as Desmond’s (because it’s all him really) is paying off. I have visions of him running around and climbing all over the play ground.

While this feeling of contentment is swimming in my heart. There is this other feeling where it seems that something greater and bigger is about to happen. That God is not done blessing us and telling us that there is more to what we have now. Not just material stuff but in relationships as well.

I will be expecting that and I can’t wait to see where He is going to take us. For now, I will go with the flow. Love on my husband and Des, and be happy.


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