Introducing Samara Izadora

Introducing Samara Izadora

I already had 3 paragraphs written down to tell you all about what happened. But realized I’d have to write it in a couple of posts. In short, everything went the way it did. Naturally. I would have said expected or as planned, but since I came into the 2nd pregnancy with no expectations, I was not disappointed in the end. I had a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After a C-section) delivery and it was amazing. Never thought I’d be able to do that but with such a great doctor and team at UWMC, I was able to experience something I never got to when Desmond was born. I’ll write about that soon enough. For now, I know you all have been waiting for pictures. So here they are.

My friend, Kate, reminded me that I should take a before picture.

The calm before the storm. Desmond ready to be a kuya.
With my fabulous nurses. I wasn’t in pain in this pic. They haven’t even started the induction yet. You know me, I have to have pictures like this.
After the delivery I never thought I’d be able to do.
Our beautiful addition to our family. Samara Izadora. Born last Thursday, Sept 17th at 2:45pm. 6lbs. and 9oz., 19.25 inches long.

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We’ll call her “Lash 2” since Desmond is “Lash 1”

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