My Sneeze Has an Echo

This is definitely the fun age!┬áDes is talking more and more and is even making up his own songs. He loves music and loves to dance. He especially loves putting his train tracks together with his dad as well as playing with big legos. He’s […]

Definitely Asian

Desmond had a spaghetti phase for a while but it’s been months and months since I’ve served it to him since he seems to have lost interest in it. But eve since, when it comes to rice and Asian noodles, he has not once refused […]

The Best is Yet to Come

The Best is Yet to Come

I am at that moment where I feel content and everything seems to be right in the world. We may not have a house, a brand spanking new car or the ultimate dream job, but we are content. Des is doing great, Nick has a […]

Why all the sleepness nights are worth it

That smile…the sound of his laughter. Our hearts are full and we love the sounds of laughter in our home. You are a blessing to us Desmond.

Weekend Adventures

Weekend Adventures

Note: I wrote this last week and didn’t get to post it. Papa went on a camping trip so Des and I spent Friday all to ourselves and had a nice walk in Alki. Saturday we were supposed to go see the tulips with friends […]

Turning 2!

Turning 2!

Time is sometimes in slow mo and sometimes in fast forward. There are some things in our lives we can’t wait to happen and some things we’re just, “Please, let this moment last forever.” My lovely Desmond is turning 2 years old tomorrow and I […]

Endings and Beginnings

Note: Draft Started 12/31, finished writing the post 1/14 There are a few books I’ve come across where, if I love it so much, I usually wish I don’t get to the last page. I will keep reading, but don’t want the story to end. […]

Still Chugging Along

It’s been a while since I sat down to write a post. After that night of crying things have picked up for the better. Like it always does. I believe we all have our moments of low and there’s always a way up. There’s always […]

Des is home

As some of you may know, Desmond came hime on Thursday afternoon. It’s a joy to have him home. Here is Mama and Des feeding. Tanya will post more details. But for now, we’re celebrating the union of our family. Prayer requests: -That Desmonds acid […]

Changes and Progress

Hello family and friends! So we have updates. Des was moved to Group Health last Saturday. This move has been in the works since April. Because Group Health is my insurance, they want Des at their NICU. I guess paying UW is getting expensive for […]