Introducing Samara Izadora

Introducing Samara Izadora

I already had 3 paragraphs written down to tell you all about what happened. But realized I’d have to write it in a couple of posts. In short, everything went the way it did. Naturally. I would have said expected or as planned, but since […]

Today a Child is Born

Hello Friends and Family, Today my son, Desmond Marcelo Hayes, entered the world.  Ten weeks early.  On Good Friday.  By cesarean section.  He entered the world at 2 lbs 4.8 oz (1046 grams).  He is in the 16th percentile for babies born at his gestational age […]

The Power of Prayer

Hello Friends and Family, Jesus is surely good!  Guest blogger Papa Pandesal here.  God is so good!  Thank you for all of your prayer and faith.  Please keep praying and believing, because it’s working! This morning, it looked as though Tanya was going to have […]

Mama Pandesal in the Hospital

Hello All, Guest blogger Papa Pandesal here.  I’m going to tell you a story, a story of how Mama Pandesal ended up at the University of Washington Hospital. It all started in a land, a land far far away.  A land called West Seattle.  It […]

Crazy Cravings

I guess my husband is having a harder time with all these crazy cravings I am having. Who would’ve thought that I would actually crave for pickles and stuffed olives at midnight? I finally got him to get me some around 1am. He’s such a […]

Too Excited

First, I want to thank all the emails and comments I’ve received. You guys are awesome! I’m glad you’re excited as I am with our little pandesal. Second, I guess I was so excited with starting this blog that I got my calculations wrong. I’m […]

Baby Time!

Where does one start??? First I tell my friends, “We just got off the pill and we’re going to start trying.”  Two weeks later, we’re pregnant! WHAT?!?!?! It’s seems so fast! I’m already on my 8th week and we just scheduled our first prenatal check-up […]