I began this blog to share my pregnancy journey with family and friends. Of course, it doesn’t end with pregnancy, that’s where it begins. Although, the start was very very unexpected and rough, which is an understatement, I am truly enjoying being a mama to our premie miracle boy, Desmond. Some days are challenging but most days are filled with joy.

Why, “My Little Pandesal?” Pandesal is the most popular breakfast bread in the Philippines. And since we say “Bun in the oven,” here in the States, I thought, well this little one is going to be half Filipino, might as well call our baby “My Little Pandesal.”

The goal of this blog is to be as honest as I can. Might be a little TMI for some but hey, someone has got to say something about the real lives of mothers. In case some of you are still missing the whole picture.

Have fun reading and let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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